Monday, November 29, 2010

And what do you really think of our president?

Some unflattering remarks by Nicolas Sarkozy concerning Barack Obama appeared in the press a while back. Now it's tit for tat, thanks to WikiLeaks (although the tittle-tattle does not come from the mouth of the US president). According to a US diplomat, Sarko "has a thin-skinned and authoritarian personal style" and is "an emperor with no clothes." Hmm. I guess someone will no longer be invited to consume petits fours and champagne at Quai d'Orsay cocktail parties.

For the record, Sarkozy, however imperial he may be, is always impeccably dressed.


Arun said...

Impeccably dressed?! His dress is funereal. His ties are always black, which is bad enough, but often with dark blue suits to boot. I'm sorry but these colors do not match. Obama is a far classier dresser.

Arun said...
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