Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cohn-Bendit on the PS

Dany puts his finger on the weakness of the emerging PS strategy. The Socialists cannot win without allying with some outside force. The dominant faction within the party appears to want to angle for an alliance with the left of the left (see Hamon's "Real Equality" platform, discussed here yesterday). In practice, this means courting Mélenchon's Parti de Gauche or Besancenot's NPA. But it is hard to see what the basis of such an alliance would be, while it is not at all difficult to see how it would alienate centrist and center-left voters. The Greens are the obvious alternative, but Socialists seem to take it for granted that Greens will have no choice but to join them in the second round and are not engaging in the kind of local bargaining that might give substance to that assumption. There is an old adage in the PS, going back to Mitterrand's time, that the path to victory veers left on the first round and right on the second. But the electorate has changed in ways that Socialists appear not to appreciate.


Anonymous said...

The "new party" has an original name: "Europe-Ecologie-les Verts".

Daniel Cohn-Bendit was a special guest, much-announced for the Evening News on France2. And here he is, cut off, told on TV he'll be interviewed "later".... because the government just quit, all at once and all together.

Probably heralding the announcement of a new government?

I am still rooting for Luc Chatel prime minister, although his odds just went down because he sent 14 teenage thugs to a quiet, 350-student high school; the 14 thugs promptly decided to show each other who's boss by beating up unsuspecting rural kids. Luc Chatel is responsible for the problem because he refused to listen to the various groups that had announced such a thing would happen and he's taking a LOT of flak from TF1-13h and from regional papers, especially in rural areas that fear the arrival of other teen thugs. On the other hand, he acted so quickly because he was listening to the President so it might not be too bad for him.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cohn-Bendit did get his 5mn, since apparently François Fillon will be named Prime Minister again tomorrow morning. Or not. But anyway no announcement was planned before 8:35pm so EuropeEcologie-Les-Verts (that's their new name, seriously.. sigh) got to speak.
Eva Joly is positioned for the presidential election, Cohn Bendit stated he wants to focus on Europe only, and that in order to win against "la droite" parties will need to speak to all voters.
Common sense?

Anonymous said...

If somebody's interested: