Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Know Much about Algebra

Sam Cooke's words:

Don't know much trigonometry
Don't know much about algebra
Don't know what a slide rule is for

are reinforced by the Institut Montaigne: 37.7% of French students enter junior high school less than proficient in math, and 44% leave in that condition, suggesting that what is going on within the walls of the institution isn't helping much.


FrédéricLN said...

Er - a slide rule is not for so many things right now.

Unknown said...

Mutatis mutandis, cher Frédéric, mutatis mutandis ....

Anonymous said...

What's a slide rule?

What does "less than proficient" mean, do they explain how they define "proficient"?

All French kids are taught integrated math: algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, between 7th and 9th grade (geometry starts in the 4th grade.)

However, based on the results, few seem to master it - but I'd take this with a grain of salt: about half 9th graders aren't proficient at algebra, geometry and trigonometry in the US, too, I believe (and worse, actually, since in some schools they take algebra in 9th grade only!)

Anonymous said...

as for what's going on within the classrooms, and more specifically within the heads of young teenagers, i think Sam Cooke hits it on the nail as the song continues:

But I do know that one and one is two
And if this one could be with you
What a wonderful world this would be