Wednesday, November 3, 2010

France Shares Nuclear Secrets with Perfidious Albion

What would de Gaulle say? Cheese-paring politicians trade away sovereignty over the ultimate defense because they've drained the coffers and can't afford another aircraft carrier? Well, perhaps, but somehow it just doesn't seem as dire as it might have back in the mid-50s.

For a more thoughtful analysis by Judah Grunstein, see here. And Dan Drezner here.


nathanielpowell said...

Actually, if I understand the agreement properly, the one thing that France and Britain won't share are their nuclear secrets.

Unknown said...

Do you read anything French?

If so, I am not sure how you could have missed the fact the the French actually have an aircraft carrier (freshly refurbished too). It is the Brits who are in the poor house laying off 500,000 government workers and missing an aircraft carrier.

Unknown said...

Do you read anything in English? If so, you might have noticed that I said that France can't afford ANOTHER aircraft carrier.

Unknown said...

touché. My bad. Especially for a 1st post.

To be sure, you might want to address my point; that it is the UK that is cutting massively its military and not France.

Both articles you point to highlight that Europe wins if France pulls the UK into an agreement.

You imply it is French weakness that drove the agreement. It seems to me more that the French have a bunch of busted eggs and are making an omelette out of them.

Unknown said...

Look, there's no question that the UK has taken much bolder austerity measures than the French. Furthermore, this cooperation agreement is not driven entirely by the need to cut expenditures. But Sarkozy did promise to build another aircraft carrier and had to renege for reasons of cost. That's why I highlight the point, since this is a blog about French politics. As for sharing nuclear secrets, perhaps, perhaps not, but the two countries will be sharing a nuclear blast simulation facility, and I suspect that they will be sharing more than hardware, since much of the cost of the facility goes into developing the simulation codes, which are in a quite literal sense nuclear secrets.