Monday, November 22, 2010


"Que la justice fasse son travail," said the president yesterday. All necessary documents would be made available to investigators, he indicated. Yet today François Fillon refused to allow Judge Van Ruymbeke to search the DGSE for relevant material. And Sarkozy seems to have lost his temper with journalists who are trying to link him to the affair. It is indeed exasperating to be called upon to prove a negative, but the Law of Scandal suggests that transparency is the best way to dispel rumors. Open the lid and false rumors go "pschitt," to quote Jacques Chirac. Keep the lid on and the pressure builds until something blows. The next weeks should be interesting.

ADDENDUM: A presidential moment:

Sarkozy: affaire Karachi
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Anonymous said...

Here's a transcript:

"Ey, you the sex offender!" to a journalist who highlighted the fact his name appeared in a file in Luxemburg...

I bet that if we had some sound, we'd hear laughter from some journalistes - I remember that first press conference, when many journalists laughed as one of them was being given a tongue lashing.

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