Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Score-Settling at Le Monde

It seems as though everyone who has ever had anything to do with Le Monde has a score to settle. Luc Rosenzweig has a go at Colombani and Plenel, following the lead of Eric Fottorino. There's lots of inuendo here, more than a little of which remains impenetrable to those of us who follow the saga of Le Monde's decline only sporadically. To be sure, I'm not sure that journalistic virtue remains anywhere in the world: crisis conditions are not conducive to it. But France has yet to develop a blogosphere of energetic young journalists with solid policy credentials, writers like Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein in the United States, who have shown what a small band of smart and dedicated journalists can do to maintain the role of the Fourth Estate as an indispensable counter-power in democracy. France has Mediapart and Arrêts sur Image, to be sure, but these are better at muckraking than policy analysis. Some French think tank should look at what the Center for American Progress has accomplished by paying Matt Yglesias, for example. This would be far more useful than what Terra Nova has done by paying for its president, Olivier Ferrand, to accompany Arnaud Montebourg on a junket to Washington to learn how Obama used the Web in the Democratic primaries.


Anonymous said...

perhaps its just a figure of speech, but I am adverse to conceptualizing the media & journalism as an estate distinct and differentiated from the civil society from which it emanates. rather, it is part and parcel of the tiers état. Indeed, at best, it is the tiers état discoursing intelligently amongst itself on matters related to the powers delegated to its representatives.


Anonymous said...

What exactly have these navel-gazing chatterers achieved?