Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where Are the Secrets?

So, this is what Wikileaks reveals about Franco-American relations. Humbly, I would suggest to my rulers that they could learn a lot more about France by reading this blog than by perusing their own diplomatic cables. And really, which American diplomat wrote this: "L'engagement international de la France" est "magnifié par Kouchner"? Washington, if you want my number, I'm in the book.


Kirk said...


Anonymous said...

Je suis morte de rire devant cet article !


Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with your statement. This is pitiful.
Another take:

I find it curious that for Americans, Sarkozy is Jewish whereas for most French people, he's identified with Catholicism: he was shown wearing a Catholic alb as a boy (I don't know whether he was an altar boy?), his visits to the pope and his speech breaking away from "laïcité", if in words only...
Probably clever marketing on both sides?

TexExile said...

A fair point, Art, but could you offer Foggy Bottom a description of Sarko chasing a rabbit around his office?

Some of these leaks are gems -- trivial, perhaps but real gems:


Anonymous said...

Royal's future prime minister thought she was "a collective hallucination" (while elsewhere US diplomats note that the entire political class has constantly underestimated her). Based on the cables, she's pragmatic but not ideological.
Surely diplomats could see that it'd sink her within such a rigidly ideological party?
DSK sounds like he admires Sarkzy's spunk, though. And diplomats seem to draw the same conclusion as Art: he wants to rule but he doesn't want to campaign, he lacks the will to win.


sushi105 said...

indeed. THIS is where the smart people come for the real scoop!

FrédéricLN said...

"Washington, if you want my number, I'm in the book."

I read somehow that the US diplomacy in Africa (in the 90's) consisted in looking for some "right man" who would do things "the right way" and take his country out of misery, corruption, civil war and other concerns, and out of dictatorship and one-man-power.

Looks the US diplomacy in Europe worked quite the same way.

FrédéricLN said...

Er, it looks "like" (I also apologize for the other improper terms or sentences, but I cannot repeat it at each comment!).