Monday, December 13, 2010

French Integration Problems ...

... as seen by the US Embassy, via WikiLeaks (and Bernard Girard).


Anonymous said...

France treats its youth dreadfully.
As of now, 80% entry-level jobs for MBAs, MS engineers, etc, are internships.
The trend seems to have moved to the US, too:
Kids whose parents aren't at such a social status they can provide them with a leg up or a full boost into a company are at a marked disadvantage, and those whose skin color or first name indicates their parents MIGHT have been born outside the hexagon (or whose address merely indicates they're disadvantaged) stand very few chances.
I like what this WikiLeak cable indicates - although French governments should be ashamed that the US needs to take care of how French banlieue kids are excluded from the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

the cables lend credence to an idea acceptable to rightwing Gaullists, ie that furthering integration will allow for France to shore up its strengths and not doing so will weaken the country.
the discourse on solidarity, miserabilisme, etc. falls flat on the right. gotta evoke "grandeur"


Anonymous said...

The creationists of the U.S. embassy ("the worst of America") allies of the islamists of islamists against French laicité .. you have to hear this to believe it - France Culture, 3 mins :

Also :

"La croisade s’amuse. Lundi, sur France Culture, l’essayiste Caroline Fourest a fustigé et l’ambassade des Etats-Unis, coupables d’entretenir des « affinités » en vue de saper le « modèle laïc français ». Esquisse du nouveau fantasme propagé par l’adversaire autoproclamée du « totalitarisme islamique »."