Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ockrent in Trouble

Bernard Kouchner has been out for some weeks, and now may be the turn of sa compagne Christine Ockrent to be shown the door at France24. Of course there may be no relation between the two events. Ockrent is allegedly involved in an internal espionage scheme at the station. Spying on your boss's computer will get you fired nearly anywhere (but of course the allegations are "not proven," as they say in Scotland). Still, the drama at France24 seems to be mirroring the drama in Les Reporters, the Canal+ journothriller. Who would have thought? Since my entire TV career to date is limited to a few appearances on France24, naturally I'm on the edge of my seat.

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Anonymous said...

From the moment the wife of the sitting "ministre des affaires étrangères" (no matter how purely decorative his actual performance was) was named to head the foreign branch of French media, there was bound to be trouble.
Especially with someone as inflexible/self-righteous as Ockrent.

Ockrent's name was brought up often in conjunction with the Pulvar affair. Except that Audrey Pulvar is the compagne of a guy who will stand in an election a year from now - BTW, as far as I can tell, she was quietly reinstated on iTélé. - Anyway, most pundits seemed to miss the difference between being the wife of a minister directing the media, and being the "partner"* of someone who isn't anyone and won't be, even in the best case scenario, for a full year.

*I don't know whether Arnaud Montebourg is divorced or whether he still has a documented wife, so I'm not quite sure how to qualify Audrey Pulvar, is she his "wife" like Ockrent is to Kouchner? Compagne, compagnon, is a great French vocabulary invention as it means "whoever you live with".