Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sur le pont d'Avignon, on n'y danse plus ...

Brent Whelan reports on the sad end of the saga of Ilham Moussaïd, the NPA militante who ignited a firestorm by wearing a headscarf while campaigning for office.

It's official: Ilham Moussaïd and 11 of her colleagues have resigned from the NPA's Vaucluse chapter, after eight months of fruitless negotiation with the central party. 

Things aren't going well for the NPA, it seems:
While Ilham is at best a footnote, her story I feel is devastating for the NPA (which is hemorrhaging members for a variety of reasons), and for the immediate future of the far-left.


John Mullen said...

I for one think it's dreadful that the NPA (of which I am a member) is not a safe place for practing muslims who are anticapitalists.

But it has good points too. Certainly, in the recent movement to defend pensions, NPA activists played an excellent role almost everywhere; the fallout will certainly be a wave of new recruits.

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