Monday, January 4, 2010

Bono and HADOPI

In yesterday's NY Times, Bono expressed the wish that the movie industry will prove to have the clout that the record industry did not, sufficient to stop illegal downloading of artistic productions. So count him among the advocates of the Loi HADOPI.

Rien que la vérité?

To call this an interview is clearly an exaggeration, and I won't vouch for the truth of everything Julien Dray says here. If I post it, I do so for one reason only: here is further evidence of the unhealthy state of relations within the Socialist Party and the political class (including journalists) more generally. According to Dray, everybody had a score to settle with him, and now he has scores to settle with everybody. He doesn't pause to ask himself if there is anything abnormal about this state of affairs, so we must assume that he takes it to be normal. One thing you can say for this "interview" (in which the interviewer scarcely opens his mouth): langue de bois it isn't.