Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Greek Debt

Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide its debt, according to this article. "Beware of Greeksinvestment bankers bearing gifts." (with apologies to Virgil)

By the way, Harvard University was also burned by rate swaps promoted by its former president--Larry Summers.

And here's Paul Krugman on the real problem--Spain.

"From Revolution to Ethics"

H-France hosts a forum on Julian Bourg's book From Revolution to Ethics, about May '68 and its aftermath, with contributions from Rosemary Wakeman, Michael Scott Christofferson, Xavier Vigna, and Jonathan Judaken.

Food for thought: “The twentieth century began with Vladimir Lenin’s observation that
making an omelet meant breaking eggs; it ended with the assertion of the rights of chickens” (Bourg, quoted by Judaken).

Another "Petite Phrase" from the Uninhibited Right

Valérie Pécresse visited the 93 yesterday. A man in the audience of African descent asked her about enforcing a law on anonymous CVs in order to eliminate discrimination against candidates with "foreign-sounding" last names. Pécresse told him that spelling errors did more damage to a candidate's prospects than a photo--as if, in her mind, the correlation between "foreignness" and "inability to spell" were perfect. I should send her some of the e-mail I receive from Français de souche ...

A un homme d’origine africaine qui lui demande l’application de la loi sur les CV anonymes, la ministre répond en le renvoyant sur les bancs de l’école. Selon cette native de Neuilly-sur-Seine, “une lettre de motivation avec une faute d’orthographe a plus d’impact” sur un recrutement qu’une photo…