Monday, March 1, 2010

Life Expectancy at Retirement, Then and Now

h/t Greg Mankiw.

Ethnic Europe

Roland Hsu, ed., Ethnic Europe is a new book dealing with questions of mobility and identity in the European Union.

War of the Librarians

It seems that Bruno Racine, current head of the BNF, does not like Jean-Noël Jeanneney, the previous head. This review takes sides. I don't know enough about the controversy to sort things out.

What's up with the CGT?

Guy Groux offers an interesting analysis of the weakening of the old "reformist front" among the unions and the simultaneous emergence of a more "moderate" CGT under Bernard Thibault.

Name Dropping

Le Monde today has a piece on the likely succession to the Labour Party leadership should Gordon Brown be tossed out. The article considers the rivalry of the two Miliband brothers, David and Ed, for the top spot. I must say I have a personal favorite in this contest: Ed was a member of my seminar for visiting scholars at Harvard some years back, and I came to admire his charm and intellect. Of course David may be equally charming and bright, but I've never met him.

During Ed's time in Cambridge, I recall attending a lunch in honor of Lionel Jospin. We were both seated at the former prime minister's table, Ed next to me, and Nobel laureate Bob Solow to Ed's left. Across the table was Olivier Blanchard, now chief economist of the IMF. That's as close as your blogger has come to the inner circles of power: lunch with a former, two not-yets, and one (neo-)classic.