Friday, March 5, 2010

Doc Gynéco on Unemployment

Sarkofriend Doc Gynéco is collecting 83.31 euros a day in unemployment benefits. This should raise a few eyebrows.

Trial Balloon?

Libé's defense correspondent has posted a brief note suggesting that Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is "seriously interested" in replacing Hervé Morin as secretary of defense. The tone is slightly waspish about her qualifications for the post. So what is this? A trial balloon? Flak directed at a rumor, hoping to shoot down an NKM-launched trial balloon? Merchet is usually well-informed. A remaniement is likely if the Right takes a shellacking in the upcoming elections. So the rumors are floating. Remember the rumors before the last round of elections about Claude Allègre's imminent appointment--rumors floated primarily by Allègre himself, it seems, though perhaps with some encouragement from on high.

Le Lidec on Territorial Reform

Structural reform of local and regional government is an important subject, though not likely to get the pulse racing. So the nation debates its identity while governance reform makes its way in relative obscurity. Patrick Le Lidec ponders the issues here.