Thursday, April 1, 2010

Comment Chercher la Croissance avec les Dents

Patrick Artus has a very interesting paper on how to restart European growth. A (tendentiously provocative) summary of some of its points can be found here.

Publishers and Google

China is not Google's only enemy. Two more French publishers join a suit against the company. Bernard Girard vigorously defends Google.

Why Does This Guy Remind Me of John Edwards?

Now here's a new wrinkle: a Sarkozy minister suing a Lagardère publication for putting his picture on the cover. François Baroin claims that he's doing it for the principle of the thing: he's never been one to publicize his private life, so why should he accept the rules of the game that his boss has more or less defined? And he does have one of those private lives that get talked about: first Marie Drucker, now Michèle Laroque. Plus, if you're an American, you look at him and his coif and you think, "John Edwards!"

Expensive Dinner

The New York Times has finally deigned to take note of Sarkozy's visit to Washington. It thinks he should pay for his dinner with the Obamas by sending more troops to Afghanistan. That would add considerably to the already large tab for the world's most unnecessary state visit. Oddly, the French media have given Joyandet a hard time for chartering a private jet to Martinique for 116,500 euros, but none has mentioned the cost of Sarko's jaunt, which included a paternal visit with le petit Louis, an empty and uninspiring speech to Columbia students, a hot dog at a Washington chili joint, and a tête-à-tête with the Obamas in the White House family dining room. A few rather odd protocol demands have begun to leak out: for instance, Sarko demanded that an espresso machine be installed at Columbia in case he needed a pick-me-up. I have not been able to determine whether he actually had a cup.