Sunday, May 30, 2010

Watch That Simile!

Martine Aubry, our lady of "care" (in the sense of Carol Gilligan rather than Heidegger or Foucault), has descended a notch in her preaching, comparing Sarkozy to Bernie Madoff, presumably an example of a guy who really couldn't care less what happened to anybody else.

Meanwhile, François Hollande, who has a problem, sensed an opening. Hollande's problem is that, although he wants to be president, the publicity machine seems to be ignoring him. Lately the media have been focusing on the possibility of a titanic struggle between DSK and Aubry, with Royal as spoiler. Hollande has dropped out of sight. But Aubry's comparison of Sarko to Madoff presented him with an opportunity to grab some air time, and he took it. Let's not descend to their level, he said, and let's back off the easy name-calling. And indeed, to compare the president of the Republic to the roi des escrocs is a good deal cruder than to accuse of him of perpetrating un coup d'éclat permanent. Yet it must be said that neither charge adds much heft to the Socialist argument that it would govern France better than the other guys.