Monday, May 31, 2010

Elie Cohen on the "Dramaturgy" of Retirement Reform


Montebourg Report

The Montebourg Report on the renovation of the Socialist Party has been published.It details the primary procedure for selecting a 2012 presidential candidate and extols this reform as the essence of party renovation. This makes it hard to see how the party could renege on its pledge to choose its candidate by primary. Meanwhile, Ségolène Royal has announced that she is party to discussions with Aubry and DSK and would be prepared to "sacrifice her personal ambitions" for the sake of party unity. This seems to corroborate a rumor I reported earlier, that the fix may be in, in which the top elephants will allocate among themselves the top jobs. Such a backroom deal would of course make a mockery of the party primary. We shall see what we shall see, but I have a hunch that the primary will in fact be a pro forma ratification of a decision that will have been made in high party councils, behind closed doors.