Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raising the Retirement Age

A little comparative politics (the issue is hot in the US too).

Report on the Report

Did the IGF report really exonerate Eric Woerth of all responsibility in the Bettencourt affair? Not if you read the fine print and between the lines, apparently. And now François Baroin's role is in question as well.

The Radical Center

From the center of the political spectrum (Senator Jean Arthuis) comes a (modestly) "radical" proposal to do away with both the tax shield and the wealth tax and raise the marginal income tax rate instead. Makes sense to me. Indeed, the entire French tax system (like most tax systems) has become unduly cumbersome, complex, and opaque. Time for an overhaul. If Sarkozy were serious about the volonté de réforme for which he constantly praises himself, he would dispense with the cosmetic surgery and cut to the bone.