Sunday, August 1, 2010


Followers of the blogosphere's inner workings may be aware of attacks by various American rightwing sources on an Internet group of journalists and bloggers called "Journolist" (google it if you're not aware of the controversy). In the view of the wingnuts, the members of Journolist were a vast leftwing conspiracy to overthrow the Republic. In the view of Journolisters, they were simply working journalists sharing information and, by and large, broad political sympathies. I wouldn't know, since I wasn't a member of the group. But here's the thing: various sources (here and here), for example, are claiming that I was.

Now, to be sure, I would have been proud to be a member and probably would have found the discussions useful, from what I know of their tenor. But nobody ever asked me to join. Just my luck to be blacklisted by these neo-McCarthyites (see the commenter who says all the named names should not only lose their jobs but should be tried for conspiracy under the RICO law) without having shared in the booty. But perhaps exposing the exposers will do some good.

A word to the conspirators: I'd be happy to join if Journolist is still operating.