Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fassin on Polling

Do polls reflect public opinion or construct it? For Eric Fassin's take, see here.

Slow News Month

Nick has taken off with Carla for 3 weeks on the Riviera, so the news is slow and the beard is long. But have no fear: the pressing business of the state is being attended to by the loyal minions, who were busy this morning busting up a camp of Roms.

You know, it was more fun covering the Sarko presidency when things were still looking up, and it all fit together. Speedboats on Lake Winnipesaukee and tax breaks for the rich; getaways to Luxor the Mediterranean Union; shuttle diplomacy with Moscow and standing ovations from the US Congress. Today's juxtapositions are a bit jarring by contrast: rafles among the gypsies and imitations of raffish rock producers on the Riviera.

Edgar Morin

André Burguière looks back on the career of Edgar Morin.