Saturday, September 18, 2010


I will be in Chicago for a few days, so blogging will be slow.

Fronde on the Right?

Bernard Girard, noting that 36% of right-wing sympathizers are troubled by EU criticism of French policy (according to a recent CSA poll), thinks that the time is ripe for a fronde on the right and that potential participants are biding their time until the expected cabinet shakeup next month. But are they waiting for the offer of a ministerial portfolio from Sarkozy? At this point, would Copé, for example, regard it as a prize or a curse to be named to a regalian ministry? Might he join a new government and hope from within to persuade Sarko not to run in 2012? I don't see him as Jean-François le Téméraire, eager to take his dagger between his teeth and emulate Villepin. And as for the latter, I imagine that some among those 36% might be taking a fresh look at him.