Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labour Has a New Leader

It's not French politics, to be sure, but I can't refrain from commenting on Ed Miliband's election as head of the British Labour Party. Ed was a member of my seminar at Harvard some years ago, so I can attest that he is articulate, brilliant, and charming. I expect that these qualities will serve him well in his new post. He faces a difficult task in rebuilding Labour's fortunes. I wish him well.

Fillon Reminds the World that He Exists

François Fillon, perhaps signaling that he will no longer be part of the government after next month, has begun to differentiate himself from Sarkozy, whom he now disavows as "mentor." This only a day after calling Copé to order (without naming him) for putting personal ambition above party. Could Fillon emerge as a contender? Perhaps.

Meanwhile, Gérard Longuet, now a senator, has been accused of corruption when he was minister of the postal service (he allegedly sold rare stamps received as an ex officio gift) by Martin Hirsch, until recently high commissioner for active solidarity in the Fillon government.