Monday, October 4, 2010

Pétain Did It

Serge Klarsfeld has unearthed a document that, if confirmed, shows that Pétain was personally responsible for hardening the terms of Vichy's infamous Jewish Statute. Robert Paxton sees this as a potentially major discovery. Specifically, Pétain wanted all Jews removed from teaching positions and the courts.

Le Point Bamboozled

Le Point recently published an article about polygamy in Clichy-sous-Bois that included excerpts from a purported face-to-face interview with a woman who had given birth to 8 children and described herself as a "prisoner of her situation." But the interview was in fact conducted by telephone, according to Arrêt sur images, and the polygamous family was a figment of the imagination of a young man who had deliberately set out to prove that journalists writing about the suburbs don't know the terrain and are easily misled by informants eager to feed their preconceptions. (h/t SH)

Eric Fassin adds considerable depth to the story here.