Friday, October 22, 2010

OFCE Fears Deflation in Europe

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French Artist Wins Prize

AFP - A mysterious French artist who uses bleak streets in cities around the world as frames for his photos has won a TED Prize of 100,000 dollars and help in changing the world for the better.


So, we seem to be headed for a showdown in the current crisis, albeit a protracted one. The Senate will vote to approve the reform under the single-vote special procedure. The unions have already scheduled two further days of mobilization, the first next week and the second on Nov. 6. If Sarkozy thought that the opposition would melt after the vote and allow him to get on with his ministerial shakeup, he miscalculated, but I suspect that he rather relishes the fight, since it allows him to display "resolve," and disorder generally strengthens the "party of order."

The unions have maintained solidarity for the moment. Many details remain to be negotiated even after passage of the legislation, so leaders may see the mobilization as a way of strengthening their bargaining position and as a warning to the government that there are limits to what can be tolerated. The risk is that more radical elements, having flexed their muscles with some success to date, will want to test their strength still further.

Flaubert on the Roma

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