Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, if I must ...

I suppose that a blog named French Politics is obliged to comment when a new government is named, but I feel like going on strike to protest this botched remaniement. So it was going to be Borloo, they said, because Sarko wanted to faire du social. And what happened? Bachelot moves from health to something else ... that's about the extent of le social. Unless you count the sacking of Estrosi as a positive good for society. Woerth is out--so why was it that Sarko fought so hard to keep him on? L'ouverture is over, unless you count Besson as l'ouverture to something other than his own ego. Fadela Amara can now glandouiller with the guys back on the block whom she criticized for their glandouillage. So much for the Marshall Plan for the suburbs. Rama Yade's departure cripples the cabinet in the pulchritude department. Kouchner is now free to join Bill Clinton and George Bush in Haiti. And Borloo is going to "defend the values" that he cherishes. We look forward to discovering them. Libé's headline is "Fillon keeps Sarkozy," which I guess says it all. Someone on France2 tonight referred to the former as "le hyper-premier ministre." My, how times have changed since the days when FF jogged along half a step behind NS, who deigned to treat him as mon collaborateur. If this shuffle was meant to convey the image of a president still in command, it failed dismally.

Congratulations to Alain Juppé, ministre d'État, ministre de la Défense, etc. etc. He should enjoy the view from his limo, especially when his former collaborators Chirac and Villepin are on trial. They let him take the fall back in the day. Now he's rehabilitated, and they're twisting in the wind. Who said there is no justice in politics?