Thursday, December 16, 2010

And I wasn't invited ...

Shall I complain?

No Primaries for Sarkozy

Surprise, surprise.

Trouble ahead ...

43% of young males in "sensitive urban zones" (ZUS) were unemployed at the end of 2009. One would think that figures like this might have spurred the government to action. As the song says, "Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind."

Just Deserts

With remarkable efficiency, the French justice system has at last seized on a culprit in the Bettencourt-Woerth affair: David Sénat, whose crime is to have spoken (allegedly) too freely to the press. Meanwhile, the Bettencourts have patched up their little tiff, Woerth is dealing with the fallout from his sale of a racetrack, and we've stopped talking about tax fraud, islands in the tropics, Swiss bank accounts, fraudulent Légions d'honneur, et toute la ribambelle. Merry Christmas.

Yade-Borloo, même combat

Rama Yade joins the Parti radical and discovers the importance of "social cohesion."

French Lesson

Why learn French? Looks like English biz jargon can be substituted wherever necessary.

Educational Stats

What portion of each age cohort gets the bac? How has this changed over the years? How has the proportion of students with the bac général changed in relation to the other types of bac? Answers to all these questions can be found here, along with a comment on the current level of expressive skills among entering university students.

The Decline of Marriage

Tout le monde pacsé, according to Scott Sayare and Maïa de la Baume. A significant cultural shift?