Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fissiparous Left of the Left

It seems like only yesterday that the Parti de Gauche split from the PS, but it has lost no time in developing its own internal divisions and, now that it is allied with the Communist Party (which will back Melenchon for the presidency instead of running its own candidate), its own version of the late and unlamented "demcoratic centralism." Christophe Ramaux, had of the PG's economics committee, has resigned, protesting the all too "personalized" style of Melenchon as leader.

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Anonymous said...

Piketty, Landais, and Saez, some of France's most promising economists, are the new revolutionaries!
At least, what they advocate would change things in actuality, not just in speeches, and whether they're with melenchon, the PC, or whoever else remains to be seen: