Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mr. Sarkozy Goes to Washington

The French president visited the U.S. capital yesterday and was rewarded with lavish praise:

“We don’t have a stronger friend and a stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy and the French people,” he said as the French leader, listening to a translator through headphones, solemnly nodded his agreement. “I’ve always found Nicolas to be an outstanding partner and an outstanding friend to the American people.”
But nothing was disclosed about the content of Sarko's proposals for the G20.

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Anonymous said...

in the meanwhile, out there, the PS continues shooting itself in the foot by deciding that it'll vote for its presidential candidate on October 16. Meaning we'll know October 17. Meaning they'll bicker till November, have one month to start the campaign, get completely bogged down in Christmas stuff, and will then promptly lose any stamina... Plus, that leaves 8 months wide open for Sarkozy to campaign unopposed.