Monday, January 24, 2011

Yet Another New Editor for Le Monde

The three principal stockholders of Le Monde will propose to the board that Erik Izraelewicz be named managing editor, to replace Eric Fottorino. Izraelewicz, an HEC graduate, has a degree in international economics and came up through the ranks as a business journalist at L'Expansion, Les Échos and La Tribune. He has also held numerous posts at Le Monde previously, including editor-in-chief. Beyond that, I don't know much about him or have any sense of his political sensibilities. Anybody?

The situation at Le Monde continues to be unsettled. As we head into the presidential season, the choice of editor is more than usually significant. Bergé has been a supporter of Ségolène Royal in the past, but there have been signs more recently that his support for her has cooled. Whether this has any bearing on the choice of Izraelewicz is of course impossible to say from where I sit.


Anonymous said...

He's a good egg. Very loved at La Tribune. Straignt forward. No tricks, which is so rare up in the stratosphere!

Anonymous said...

Smart, knowledgeable, straightforward. More right-leaning than you'd expect for Le Monde.

Anonymous said...

Izraelewicz is a liberal (in the French sense), as I remember his writings from the 90s. Won't endear Le Monde to the Mélenchon crowd.