Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Rumor

Well, now it's rumored that Sarkozy offered the foreign ministry to Villepin! Hard to believe. Would DDV accept? Maybe--among other things, the position would be a guaranteed stay out of jail free card. Not to mention sweet revenge. Stay tuned. And what if DDV leaked the story himself? Too many layers of irony here.

Meanwhile, the word that it's Juppé continues to spread.


Mark said...

If Villepin had integrity and wasn't the preening opportunist he so clearly is, he would not allowed this rumor to run. He's the archetypal over-weening narcissist of the French political class and not to be trusted.

Scaramanga said...

Slightly off topic, but have you read "Quai d'Orsay"? It's a comic book, an insider's account of Villepin's years at the Foreign Ministry. It's brilliant, sometimes downright hilarious. Villepin comes across as sometimes so far off you wonder if he has all his sanity, but also quite smart and ballsy. The writer was in charge of Villepin's speeches at the time.
For all his faults, I think he was our last good Foreign Minister.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

@Scaramanga, I agree, about both les défauts et les qualités.

Mark said...

Without rehashing the whole French opposition to Iraq, I like to ask was it Villepin initiative to oppose Bush/Cheney? If this was his idea alone, wonderful.

As for Libya today, how on earth can DDV pretend supporting Gaddafi has been an expression of French values? This is no different than US double talk about the middle east - supporting dictators (anti-muslim fundamentalism yadda, yadda) and talking democracy. And now people are really being killed by the thousands, DDV proposes sending a "clear message" to Gaddafi, while we sit by doing nothing to really prevent this carnage. Some principles. If I were a Libyean, I would resent the West, and France, passionately.