Monday, February 28, 2011

France Sends Aid to Libya

From the Times:
The French prime minister, François Fillon, said that two French planes were flying on Monday to the eastern city of Benghazi, the revolt’s birthplace, with doctors, nurses, medicines and medical equipment.
“It will be the beginning of a massive operation of humanitarian support for the populations of liberated territories,” Mr. Fillon said on RTL radio. The French government is studying “all solutions to ensure that Colonel Qaddafi understands that he should go, that he should leave power,” he said.
Looks like Sarko is aiming to make up for lost ground. 


MAD said...

It's better late than never I suppose.

MAD said...

A few guns and ammo wouldn't go amiss though, to balance the one's they sold to brother Muammar. He must have them outgunned 10 or 20 to one.

Cincinna said...

Better late than never. PM Cameron is doing the same.
Obama again hesitates, but his ties to Khaddaffi are very unsavory.