Monday, February 21, 2011

Get Your Official ENA Mug

French universities, now competing for students, have begun selling their own official branded lines of sweatshirts, hats, pens, coffee mugs, etc. Indeed, even ENA has gotten into the act, Scott Sayare tells us:

Even the elite École Nationale d’Administration, or É.N.A., whose graduates are all but guaranteed high-powered government posts, has expanded its promotional efforts, opening an online boutique offering sweatshirts and rugby shirts, mugs and pens. The products are aimed primarily at tourists and visiting foreign delegations, said Évelyne Heckel-Mantey, a spokeswoman, in the hopes of boosting the school’s international notoriety. “When you visit a museum, you always pass through the shop at the end,” she said.


Mark said...

And so quick on the uptake. Even Oxford and Cambridge must have had t-shirts for at least 20 years now.

EL said...

So ENA is officially a museum.