Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ideal Editor

The recent changes of leadership at both Le Monde and Libération have led Monique Dagnaud to contemplate the profile of an ideal editor. Her bottom line, however, is about as diametrically opposed to the ideal as I can imagine:

Qui recruter ? Pour affronter la secousse tectonique que subit la presse quotidienne nationale, le candidat devrait posséder les codes culturels de Mark Zuckerberg, l’allant d’un journaliste intellectuel comme Thomas Friedman, et le grain de folie de Rupert Murdoch : une génétique impossible à trouver. Ce qui oblige les actionnaires à de plus modestes choix.

Leave aside Zuckerberg (!) and Murdoch (!!!) . Anybody who mistakes Thomas Friedman for an "intellectual journalist" should turn in her CNRS ID badge.


Mark said...

Here, here! Good to see that faced with adversity, the first reaction is to give in to everything. Being pragmatically up with the times looks like racing to the bottom, sadly.

Anonymous said...

puff piece that uses names like others drop them.