Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jet Set

I prefer to reserve my quarrels with statesmen for loftier matters than their spending a little too much of the state's money on themselves. Who hasn't splurged for a drink or a steak on the boss's dime from time to time? But there's that old adage about Caesar's wife. It also applies to Caesar's "collaborateur": turns out that François Fillon has been flying the company jet back to the Sarthe rather than put up with all of an hour and 20 minutes on a TGV. "A question of security," says the PM's office. Yes, indeed, but in these austere times we all make little trade-offs, and the PM might brave the terrifying dangers of travel by TGV (remember those "terrorists" who were snagging overhead power cables a while back?) in order to save the state a substantial pile of deniers publics. Heck, we once had a governor of Massachusetts who rode the subway to work, cheek by jowl with all the muggers, drug peddlers, and winos. And Fillon was supposed to be the sober and frugal steward of the state's treasure, unlike his bling-bling boss. Just goes to show, you can't judge by appearances.


Kirk said...

Honestly, with the number of high-profile incidents where TGVs have been stuck for hours, I don't blame him. Can you imagine the panic if a train got stuck with him on it? They'd call out Jacques Bauer.

Anonymous said...

That's Fillon's weakness: a passion for car racing and aviation. There was a story a couple of years back when he was in his official plane and it was going much too quickly and almost caused a mid-air collision.


Anonymous said...

schneiderman's ribbing is aimed at them both