Monday, February 14, 2011

Les Grandes Gueules

If, in the guise of debate, you like to watch people shouting and scowling at each other, you'll enjoy the Mélenchon-Marine Le Pen confrontation on BFM. Here is one excerpt:

Mélenchon : "la classe ouvrière vomit Mme Le Pen"
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Lily said...

The immense majority of the ignorant journalists want to repaint Mélenchon as a "populist", but the truth is he's the most brillant, cultured, competent French politician today. You just have to listen and watch to his long interventions to notice this. He's pretty impressive. The way he sometimes talks is also directly linked to the fact that he's a former French teacher and that he has a "maîtrise" in philosophy. In short : watch out for this man.