Friday, February 25, 2011

MAM Defends Herself

The foreign minister was decidedly not pleased by the critique of French foreign policy published by a group of anonymous diplomats in Le Monde. She comes out swinging:

Non, en janvier il n'y avait pas dans les notes et télégrammes [diplomatiques révélés par le site WikiLeaks] de quoi anticiper ce qui se passe aujourd'hui dans le monde arabe. La France n'a pas su comprendre ce qui était en train de se produire. Pas plus qu'aucun autre pays d'ailleurs. Est-ce que cet aveuglement général nous excuse ? Evidemment pas. Cela nous oblige à réfléchir sur les causes profondes de ce manque de discernement qui ne date pas d'hier.

Hmm. So why was the ambassador to Tunisia sacked if nobody could have foreseen what happened? Mightn't he have been useful in reflecting on the "deep causes of this lack of discernment?"  And mightn't the fact that powerful people in the Tunisian Old Regime had the ear of powerful people in the French government have contributed to that strange lack of discernment? MAM seems to have overlooked this obvious point. Or was it some anonymous diplomat who was assigned to pen her statement for her?

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Mark said...

Ah la vache! If nothing else that's some admission of personal incompetence without any sense of personal responsibility. "In a normal country," she would have to accept responsibility for so egregious a failure. It's not like she needed military intelligence to spot it for her. The statement is also apparently false since I assume the wikileaks documents show the contrary to be the case.