Monday, February 21, 2011


Laurent Bouvet on Sarkozy's rejection of "multiculturalism" in the wake of Merkel and Cameron:

En déclarant, lors de l’émission « Paroles de Français » le 10 février dernier : « le multiculturalisme est un échec », Nicolas Sarkozy a commis une triple erreur. Il a utilisé un terme étranger à l’oreille politique française et d’un usage particulièrement complexe. En procédant ainsi, il semble persister dans l’erreur tactique qui consiste à se placer sur le terrain de l’un de ses adversaires électoraux, ici Marine Le Pen, sans en tirer aucun bénéfice. Et, last but not least, le président de la République brouille un peu plus le message qu’il voudrait envoyer aux Français sur les questions identitaires puisqu’après avoir longtemps promu la diversité et la « laïcité positive », il constate l’échec d’une politique renvoyant aux principes qu’il a lui-même proclamés.


Mark said...

Seems to be a fair analysis. MLP does reap all the benefits of this. Interesting side light on "multiculturalism" being seen as foreign and suspect concept. There is a bit of mise en abime here it seems; the mistake Bouvet points out, he resorts to himself as he denounces it. One has the feeling that Sarko's just improvising in desperation, and one can almost smell the panic. He'd have to be desperate to follow the lead of Merkel and Cameron, two of the most uninspiring leaders ever. Cameron always comes off as a privileged twit, which is of course what he is. The way he reads his speeches, you sense he's anxiously mouthing ideas which, banal as they are, just manage to elude him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark; and Marine Le Pen continues to climb...
Yesterday she scored a point against the new ambassador to Tunisia, who was far from diplomatic with Tunisian journalists enquiring about the ties between the French government and Ben Ali (or somesuch); he was being filmed, the "nuls" and "débiles" he shouted ended up on youtube, and less than a week after his arrival Tunisians are asking for his removal, because he expected their journalists to act as if Tunisia still was a dictatorship.
Failing to grasp that Tunisia now is a democracy and rightly proud of it, is a colossal mistake for a diplomat!
Marine Le Pen jumped in and showed the new ambassador showing off his abs and trying to hook up with former girlfriends on a social networking site (she purposely missed the larger significance of sending such an ambassador to Tunisia, though).
Everything points to Sarkozy making mistake after mistake. Where's the smooth talker who hit all the right notes that I remember from 2005, 2007?