Friday, February 25, 2011

Rostand Replies to Marly

The diplomats who blasted Sarkozy's foreign policy in Le Monde styled themselves le groupe Marly. Another group of anonymous diplomats responds today in Le Figaro, naturally, signing itself le groupe Rostand. The names, it seems, come from the cafés where the respective groups meet. Now, it so happens that when I am in Paris, the Rostand is one of my regular hangouts, a place where I often give rendez-vous. I would not want anyone to think, however, that I am part of the Rostand group. I absolutely deny any such imputation. But I do approve of the choice of the Rostand: the café has a lovely view of the Jardins du Luxembourg and serves a rich café crème.

But what's the point of all this anonymity, since journalists undoubtedly know who the signers are, and so does the Élysée?

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MAD said...

The Rostanders repost, dripping with sarcasm, rather than refuting the Marliers, has the unintended consequence of underscoring how apt some of the latter's claims are. This is all rather nasty and childish, but then what to expect of Sarko and/or his stand-ins?