Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sarkozy's Speech

Quel culot! After taking credit for overcoming the economic crisis and saving the euro, President Sarkozy announced tonight that he was going to lead the Arab world into a new era of liberty ... by reviving the Union for the Mediterranean and replacing Alliot-Marie with Juppé and Hortefeux with Guéant.

I'm afraid his speechwriter Henri Guaino just wasn't up to the challenge of putting lipstick on this pig. Not only did he revive his old hobbyhorse--the stillborn Club Med--but he couldn't even be bothered to explain how a ministerial change in France was going to change things up in the Mediterranean. It was a speech of breathtaking vacuity. When I measure the change over the past three years, I am sometimes flabbergasted: there used to be a certain flair in these high rhetorical moments. Now, nothing but bathos.


FrédéricLN said...

And a very, very negative way of describing this change for democracy (except in the two first paragraphs). He had to make that revolution fit into the pre-determined pattern of "islamic and terrorist threat". Quite hard.

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He is "à la ramasse", imho.

Mark said...

Always a empty suit wasn't he? He'd like you to think that this was a moment where he was getting out in front of events when he's just reacting, and is about 2 revolutions behind events. No one was duped by this artless attempt to spin. Now that I think of it, this is what his speech links up with Gaddafi's latest.

Won, Philippe et Raphael said...

Longuet, l'ancien coéquipier de Madelin dans les ratonades et autres mouvements facho, et ancien prevenu de justesse, un retour au gouvernement c'est comme une promesse d'autres belles histoires pour la France d'en haut!

Mark said...

In all that makes three, three! who have been convicted of crimes in high positions in government. Could this happen else where? Is this a new record for France?

Cincinna said...

Your critique of Sarko's intervention was longer than the speech itself which lasted 6 minutes.
Sarko is anything but an empty suit. He remains one of the most able, capable, experienced leaders on the political scene in France.
Bringing Juppe, Longuet, and Gueant into his close circle is good for France, and good for Sarko in 2012.
His strong challenge is coming from the FN, not from the Left. The destabilization in the Arab world makes le Pen all the more dangerous.
As to a serious candidate on the Left, unless they can resuscitate someone like Fabius from Purgatory, or someone with big time scandals and "no peps" like Hollande 2012 will like be a repeat of 2007.
To quote my husband's Texan great grandfather, "'you can't beat somethin with nothin"

Mark said...

Oh dear. Hilary Clinton and EU foreign ministers are to meet in Geneva today to discuss how to respond to the crisis in Libya. Not great timing for Sarko to have no minister on hand; according to France 2 last night Juppé won't be on the job till Tuesday because he wants to attend a meeting in his hometown. Priorities, priorities.....

Mark said...

@Cincinna Okay, perhaps an empty suit isn't the quite metaphor to sum him up , but all mouth and no trousers is.

Cincinna said...

  Mark, no problem. I am beginning to get your humor, which I am not used to. Give me time; I enjoy your posts. 
  Where are you from?
   MY2C: Hillary Clinton is the empty suit, if her Pants Suits count in the metaphor. She has been a disaster as SOS, trying to ride the former prestige of the Office into a Presidential challenge in 2012. With absolutely no Diplomatic experience or expertise in the Foreign Policy issues she pronounces on, she sends mixed messages to friend and foe alike.
Or perhaps she is merely
the messenger of a totally incoherent, haphazard, leaderless American foreign policy or lack of one. 

Mark said...

@Cincinna the UK via the USA. Thanks! Couldn't agree with you more about H Clinton. Terrible pant suits. She could do with some fashion advice from Rachida. Seriously, the arab uprisings have wrong footed the US most, but also everyone else as well. I agree with what McCain said yesterday, and I agree with almost nothing McCain says on the whole. "They're looking to America for…ratification of the sacrifices they've made in the defense of democracy. America should lead." He said if we say we support democracy, we must protect the Libyans from being massacred at the very least by enforcing a no-flying zone. He said we should have supported democracy in Iran in 2009. Agreed, agreed and agreed.

Concinna said...

Mark, I totally agree. Now Sarko & Cameron are sending in aid. Obama is still hesitant. He makes the policy, Hillary just fumbles it.
Obama took all that time to speak out on Libys, & hesitates now to join others because of his unseemly ties to Khaddaffi. That and the fact he is a weak & indecisive POTUS make the world a far more dangerous place.