Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I learn this from Thierry Desjardins:

Que notre ministre des Affaires Etrangères et son compagnon (qui est, on ne le sait pas toujours et on se demande bien pourquoi, ministre des Relations avec le Parlement) aient célébré la nouvelle année chez Ben Ali aux frais d’un oligarque de ce régime corrompu qui leur a offert l’avion privé, le gite et le couvert nous explique enfin l’inexplicable.
Perhaps this wasn't the only reason why Alliot-Marie initially supported Ben Ali, but the news is still shocking. Story in Le Monde.


Anonymous said...

Even more shocking: Alliot Marie on rounds both on C+ and F2 (I happened to catch her on both), making no apology ("when I'm on vacation I do whatever I want with my friends") and the journalists NOT asking any of the obvious questions but rather helping her make her case.

Anonymous said...

Everything you wanted to know about Michele Alliot Marie, her Tunisian friends, and the private jet, in English and free, here:

On January 22, Michele Alliot-Marie was in Egypt praising its democracy.......
She's now telling (not asking) French researchers based in Egypt and specializing in the Middle East to stop analyzing the situation for French media.
«l'Etat égyptien, avec ses caractéristiques de démocratie et de tolérance».
cf. LeFigaro for the quote
and Mediapart for the information about researchers.. and the take on the Figaro quote