Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some More Zemmour

I haven't written about Éric Zemmour's conviction for "inciting racial hatred" because the verdict displeased me almost as much as the man himself. Because I believe in free speech, I think that Zemmour should be allowed to say what he pleases, and his opponents should be free to criticize his sallies as they see fit. It's a bad business when the force of law is used to suppress the expression of opinion. But now the UMP has invited Zemmour to one of its forums to speak on "freedom of thought," which lends the imprimatur of the party to his sulfurous personality. Clearly, the UMP knows what it is doing: Zemmour has street cred with people who vote for the extreme right, and the UMP wants to win them back. This is reprehensible.

So is the move by the CGT to have Zemmour removed from the airwaves. I don't care much for the shock-jock programming of the likes of Ardisson and Ruquier, who use provocateurs like Zemmour to boost their ratings. But I care even less for the blacklisting of controversial voices by actors of the right or the left.


Anonymous said...

The CGT is trying to fight a worrying trend: CGT members leaning toward the FN, to the point a CGT rep is an actual FN candidate for the cantonals.

Rubin Sfadj said...

Agreed on both counts. And linked here:

Cincinna said...

I couldn't locate the original Zemmour post. 
This reported in le Monde , via Daily Mail involves an actual assault and threats by a cultural icon in France. Galliano is 
not even French, but his behavior highlights the racial and anti-semitic, misogynist undercurrents among the cultural elite on the Left in France.

From le 
Monde via The Daily Mail:

‘John Galliano called me Jewish whore...with ugly eyebrows': Art historian in row with designer tells police he threatened to kill her boyfriend. 

John Galliano allegedly grabbed a respected art historian’s hair and called her an ‘ugly, disgusting whore’ with a ‘dirty Jew face’ and no dress sense during an unprovoked attack in a Paris cafe.
Curator Geraldine Bloch, 35, has told officers investigating the alleged assault that the designer, who is close friends with celebrities including Madonna and Kylie Minogue, insulted every aspect of her looks, from her ‘ugly eyebrows’ to her ‘cheap thigh boots’.
During the incident, which has seen Mr Galliano arrested and suspended from his job as chief designer at Christian Dior, Ms Bloch claimed he even threatened to kill her boyfriend, receptionist Philippe Virgitti, 41.