Sunday, February 13, 2011

Union for the Mediterranean

Remember l'Union pour la Méditerrannée? Perhaps it's time to revive the idea, with Tunisia and Egypt as charter members. Algeria, Libya and Morocco, and Syria could be invited to join.

But where is François Fillon? On the Persian Gulf. Now in Abu Dhabi, warning against the "clash of civilizations," having left Saudi Arabia, where he hoped to sell jet fighters whose presumed purpose would be to preserve the Saudi regime in case of some "intracivilizational" clash.

I don't mean to make light of the dilemma (well, maybe a little gallows humor). The schizoid tendencies of French (and US) policy toward the region have only been exacerbated by recent events, and the implications of social upheaval in the Gulf states for the global oil market will keep many leaders awake at night.

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Mark said...

Yes that is a good idea, but a new union would be revived under new democratic auspices, although it's too soon to tell that just yet; Sarko's old pick for president was Mubarak! As for Fillion, yes he could sell some jets to attack the saudi people rebelling against the house of saud if that's what he meant by an intracivilizational clash! I am absolutely stunned that he could be that insensitive and dumb. It's shameful really. But Tony Blair's puffed up opining that we now have a duty to support democracy in Egypt and not be "hysterical" about the Muslim Brotherhood is so shamelessly hypocritical as to quite turn one's stomach. The west collectively backed the bad guy again and now doesn't have a leg left to stand on - we can't pretend to be now for what we were until against until the day before yesterday.