Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Bathed in the universe of Charles Maurras since childhood ..."

I've discussed Patrick Buisson before. Here is another depiction of his influence on President Sarkozy. We learn that Buisson has "bathed in the universe of Charles Maurras since childhood"--Charles Maurras, who described the accession of Pétain to power as a "divine surprise" and was pleased that the defeat of France by the Nazis in 1940 "rid us of our democrats." This is the man who has advised Sarkozy to move closer to the positions of the Front National on immigration issues. Scandalous.

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Nicolas said...

How can you tell that Maurras was pleased by the defeat of France in 1940 ? Maurras wrote dozens of articles in L'Action française mourning after the disaster of 1940. And the "divine surprise" took place in februray 1941, in an article in the Petit Marseillais ; according to the text of Maurras, the divine surprise is not the accession of Pétain to power itself, but the simple fact that the state didn't fall down with the defeat. Maurras has partly supported the action of Pétain, but he remained an opponent to the Germans.