Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If I were a betting man, I'd say his case will proceed no further. His lawyers are too clever. He has aged into a national monument. His accomplices in crime have expiated his sins for him and are now back in power themselves, as if nothing had ever happened. And then, he holds a trump card: whatever happened in Karachi involves both the past president, who allegedly put an end to the rétrocommissions, and the present one, who was treasurer of the campaign of Balladur, who allegedly established them in the first place. They have each other by the throat. And Sarkozy needs to bind up all the old wounds with the Chiraquiens if he wants to make it to Round 2 in 2012. Who better to pressure Villepin than Chirac? So the watchword in the Chirac affair will surely be, Surtout pas de zèle.

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Cincinna said...

Art, I agree, Chirac will never stand trial, and iin the unlikely case he does,  it will be a slap on the wrist penalty. 
 He is 78 years old & one of the most popular and beloved figures in France. 
  I also think there may be a deal in the works with Sarko & Villepin to protect Chirac. 
  He ihas gotten away with so much partly because of his warm, outgoing personality and likeable nature. 
A strange combination of genuine warmth(he really does love people and animals) and a morally and politically corrupt homme politique.
I will leave the coureur des jupes aspect to others, but yes, everything you've heard is true!
 Most people genuinely like & relate to Chirac. He
 is a very different from Mitterrand, whom almost everyone disliked personally. 
The latest chapter in the Chirac soap opera, the latest marriage of Claude Chirac to her father's former chef du cabinet, is likely to protect her father by marrying someone who knows where all the bodies are buried.
Considering the fate of previous husbands, this one should probably get a food taster!