Friday, March 18, 2011

The Consecration of the Front National

Jean-Luc Mélenchon makes a good point:

Dimanche soir vous verrez une soirée d’un genre nouveau : pas d’émission sur l’élection sur les plateaux des deux plus grandes chaines de télé. Le service public est le premier à avoir annoncé qu’il y renonçait ! Bravo pour l’encouragement civique ! Mais le plus dommageable est l’annonce qui sera faite a vingt heures. A ce moment là, seul seront annoncés les résultats globaux, de la façon suivante : droite gauche et Front national ! Sa soupe est servie. 

This manner of announcing only global results, without breaking down "left" and "right" by party affiliation, in a year when many candidates of the Right are hiding their UMP affiliation for fear of suffering from Sarkozy's unpopularity, really does play into the hands of the FN. It is now officially consecrated, at least for televisual purposes, as the third political force in France. MoDem, les Verts, the NPA, the PG, and all the other points on the political spectrum are folded either left or right, leaving the FN seeming as though it occupied the center, or as Marine Le Pen would prefer to say, la position ni droite ni gauche, left and right in fact being the same in her vision of the world. It is a pity to have this idea endorsed by the mass media.


Cincinna said...

Nothing like transparency & non bias in the media!
Are these people so terrified of MLP they have forgetten about their obligation to serve the people's right to know?
They are operating in a pre-Internet world; and before the Internet there was always " la bouche a l'oreille".

You cannot make MLP disappear with a coup de baguette magique. She has to be defeated by a real plan to solve France's problems.

Her solutions are all wrong, but it doesn't mean the prolems don't exist.

brent said...

JLM's is a telling remark--and not just because the amalgamation insults Mélenchon's PG along with every other party. More than most others he is an old-fashioned 'retail' politician very much 'on the stump' for the cantonales (see his blog). In that sense, despite his critics, he is more 'republican' (4th Republic?) than most of the rest.

Where did you find this interesting quote, Art? I don't see a link.

Unknown said...

Sorry, I left out the link. It's from JLM's blog.