Friday, March 25, 2011

Double Language

Cincinna, a regular commenter here, occasionally pretends to value my insights, but what she posts elsewhere about me puts me in mind of those politicians who specialize in double discourse, saying one thing in one place and another in another. On Free Republic, a mouthpiece of the American extreme right, or "small-state American conservatism," as Cincinna would no doubt characterize it, she is rather less polite than she is here.

He is so full of Leftist knee-jerk anti-Sarko venomous hatred it makes the author's anti-Libya intervention position unintelligible. He never mentions the total incoherence and lack of leadership in Obama's war in Libya. Psycho-babble is nonsense when discussing foreign policy & political motivation. All that is missing here is an analysis of Sarko's short stature. Napoleon complex? Why not?
Goldhammer's undisguised contempt for Nicolas Sarkozy, to the point of suffering from SDS blinds him. He has also written extensively, ranting against Conservatives, GWB & Sarah Palin at length on his Blog.
He is suffering from a severe case multi polar PDS - Political Derangement Syndrome, BDS PDS SDS & now MLPDS his fear and trembling at the possible election of Marine le Pen.
As a supposed historian, his misinformation about Sarko's political & personal history is mind-boggling.
His facts are all wrong about Sarko & the Human Bomb story. Obviously he was not there, never read the newspaper accounts, never watched the video on YouTube widely used in the 2007 campaign. It caught it all on tape.
Thanks, indeed, Cincinna, for this succinct summary of my failings. I did indeed make an error about the Human Bomb story, because I am, alas, fallible and was writing under deadline pressure. I neglected to check a detail, which I once knew but had forgotten. But given the many syndromes with which I am afflicted, it's a wonder that I can write anything at all, or that you bother to read and comment on what I do manage to write day after day. I assume, by the way, that the writer at Free Republic and the commenter on this blog are the same Cincinna, and that the Free Republic writer is not some crank signing your name to her rants. If there happen to be two Cincinnas obsessed with the same error in my piece, I apologize.

Incidentally, I'm curious about that remark concerning my "fear and trembling at the possible election of Marine Le Pen." Since you have on this site referred to Marine Le Pen, if memory serves, as a neo-fascist, anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier, would you not advise "fear and trembling" at the thought of her election? In fact, I don't believe that she is any of these things--indeed, her skill as a political tactician told her to abandon those aspects of her father's rhetoric that tarred the party with these accusations--but I still view her emergence as a genuine contender as disastrous for France. Don't you?


meshplate said...

Busted! Smart and funny to catch that Arthur, and to call her on it.

Will we see more of Cincinna....hmmm.

Louis said...

That's quite a litany to be sure. Supposed historian? misinformed? obsessed? Waouh.

On a more sheerful note, maybe this is the right time to thank you for the blog. It is always a pleasure to read, and I can't say I find in it the defaults this Cincinna highlights. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work.

FrédéricLN said...

"I can't say I find in it the defaults this Cincinna highlights."

Also I tried, indeed, but failed. Sorry.

And also I view Ms Le Pen's "emergence as a genuine contender as disastrous for France."

Anonymous said...

"I did indeed make an error about the Human Bomb story, because I am, alas, fallible and was writing under deadline pressure."

What happened to you was simply an example of how myth creating works.

The Human Bomb story happened a long time ago, and although it got Sarkozy noticed in the media, at the time he was not considered a key player in that story, just as a courageous and cute young mayor who took part in the negotiations. I was very surprised during the 2007 presidential campaign when I read an article in the Spiegel which strove to give the impression he was the key saviour of the kids. Soon after the election, France2 showed a docudrama on the affair with Sarko as the central character. I didn't watch it, but read the next day an excellent analysis in Marianne of the HB/Sarko story, with testimonies from people involved at the time and which jelled perfectly well with what I remembered. Unfortunately, this article is no longer in their archive.

You can hear here and there mentions of Sarko the hero of the Neuilly kindergarten, it is fast becoming part of accepted history.


Sam Spade said...

She may value your insights, but since you delete nearly every post of hers that I've read on this forum, is it no wonder that she would respond in an indirect and, perhaps, less respectful way? Even a Harvard guy should be able to understand this.

Given that, the real question is whether you would let her respond to the thread. After all, intelligent people should prefer a wide cross-section of viewpoints, even ones that we might disagree with, or, at worst, find distasteful. Or at least that is the American way.

Also, the excuse for your factual error regarding the human bomb incident is weak, especially when it is published material. The self-pity thing is particularly annoying, as well. It is merely a mistake - we all make them. Even you, even Cincinna.

As for Marine Le Pen, if the electorate wants to elect her, then so be it. There is no reason to "fear" and "tremble" at any one person controlling the head of state insofar as the representative government they control is actually stable and incapable of being eliminated. After all, France is supposedly such a government, therefore, we have no reason to fear anything if this is true.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

Dear Sam, I have never deleted a post of Cincinna's or any other commenter. Look back through the comments section if you doubt me. Cincinna is free to respond if she cares to.