Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Elle appelle un chat un chat"

Robert Ménard se réjouit du score de Marine Le Pen by FrenchCarcan
In this clip, Robert Ménard, ex-president of Reporters sans frontières, exemplifies precisely the sort of ras-le-bol anger that I fear is propelling the candidacy of Marine Le Pen. He's disgusted with la classe politique, he says, and it's about time somebody struck the fear of God into those salauds. "Tell me what difference there is between DSK and Sarkozy. There is none." And more of the same. This is the reaction of the beauf, the barroom loudmouth, the angry lout who thinks they're all bums anyway, and it will do them some good if they're shaken up by a populist tsunami. He seems unable to imagine the destructive potential of such a tidal wave, perhaps because he's riding its crest. I'm afraid there are all too many like him. (h/t Oumma)

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Kirk said...

That's very surprising. I always thought of him as very "de gauche," because of his work running RSF. But it seems, from what I've seen of him on the TV, that he wants to be an American-style curmudgeon now. He has a small platform on iTélé, and I don't know how many people watch him, but the times I've seen him, he's very angy.