Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"The FN Is Progressing Everywhere"

That is today's depressing headline. Indeed, the FN scored its impressive 15% despite running candidates in only 1,400 of 1,850 cantons. If you count only the cantons in which the party fielded candidates, its score was 19.7%. In the south, a traditional bastion of FN strength, the results are, as always, alarming:

Le Sud méditerranéen, des bastions repris à Sarkozy. Comme toujours, le FN réalise dans le Sud certains de ses meilleurs scores : 27,54 % dans le Var, 26,86 % dans les Bouches-du-Rhône, 25,85 % dans les Alpes-Maritimes, 25,84 % dans le Vaucluse, 24,51 % dans le Gard et 20,76 % dans les Pyrénées-Orientales. Dans les Alpes-Maritimes, le FN est en tête dans 5 des 26 cantons renouvelables. Il reste en course pour le second tour dans 14 cantons.
But things are no better up north:

Le Nord-Pas-de-Calais, "épicentre de la vague bleue marine". "C'est une région où Marine Le Pen s'est investie personnellement depuis longtemps. Elle est aujourd'hui l'épicentre de la vague bleu marine", estime Jérôme Fourquet. Le FN atteint 23,09 % dans le Nord et se maintiendra dans 17 cantons. Il obtient 22,86 % dans le Pas-de-Calais, et est présent dans 20 cantons au second tour. Sa présence est particulièrement forte dans le fief historique de la fille de Jean-Marie Le Pen, autour de Hénin-Beaumont, de Lens, mais aussi de Valenciennes, souligne l'analyste : "Là, le FN est souvent la seule alternative à la gauche." 
And on and on goes the awful litany. Just incredible.

Here is Pierre Haski's take.


Kirk said...

Interesting comment from Robert Ménard yesterday on iTélé. He says - as either an FN apologist, or a brass-merde - that "why shouldn't they win seats?" As they do represent a certain number of voters, whether you like them or not, this is democracy. He also pointed out that if there was anything seriously wrong with their opinions, the party would have been banned, which is not the case. (I don't know under what conditions a political party can be banned in France, or whether anyone has tried.)

Anonymous said...

It's exactly what Eric Zemmour said, along with "Republican is subjective, who gets to define 'republican' and who's to say that the Fn isn't?"

Political parties are only banned if they openly advocate violence, I think, with goal #1 being murder of some kind or terrorism. I know there was a debate about Dieudonné's antisemitic party but it wasn't banned.

At the national level I can imagine one or two FN "députés", but here we're talking about their being in the 2nd round in over 400 counties. What kind of policy can you expect from someone who thinks everything wrong is due to those who used to be colonized (and should have remained so)?

Kirk said...

I certainly agree with anonymous. But so what if they're in the second round in 400 cantons? How many seats can they win? They cannot, in any way, get control of a department.

Frankly, being American, I tend to appreciate the concept of free speech in the US, which says, essentially, that everyone's voice can be heard. But the subtext is that if we can hear you, we know what you're saying. No point hiding the drunk uncle at the party; let him speak out loud so people don't invite him the next time.

Anonymous said...

Here's someone who thinks it isn't so much UMP but PS who's at fault?

Cincinna said...

@Kirk et al
   Valuing Free Speech is not unique to America. The quote you referenced is actually French!    The exact  quote translated from the French is:

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
Often attributed ti Voltaire, but it was probably first written by S. G. Tallentyre (Evelyn Beatrice Hall)
French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)

  As an American, I have an almost absolute view of free speech. 
Candidates have the right to run, if they meet the Electoral requirements. Don't agree with them? Don't vote for them!

  Of course we have the right to support or oppose them. We have the obligation to VOTE. In an Election wheee almost half of eligible voters stayed home, how can anyone complain about the results?
  The idea of banning Political parties or Political speech is anathema to a democratic society.  It is just that kind of Speech that the 1st Amendment was designed to protect. 
  In a free democratic society,  how can one talk of banning any political party? Ban the FN when there are far Left extremist parties on the ballot all the time?

A slippery slope to tyranny; where  would it end?