Thursday, March 31, 2011

How low ...

... can French debate sink? Not only have we learned that the famous "debate on laïcité" so coveted by Copé will unfold, beginning to end, in just two hours--another aborted effort, exactly like the debate on national identity that preceded it. But of course the "debate" was never the point, which was rather to divide the sheep from the goats of the UMP and signal to the voters of the extreme right.

But now we also learn that poor Bernard-Henri Lévy is under attack by the unspeakable Dieudonné, Kadhafi's last defender, and the unsavory Depardieu, BHL's latest execrator. Quelle honte!. And who is rising to the defense of beleaguered Bernard-Henri? Why, L'Express and Jean-Paul Enthoven, his bosom buddy and ex-amant of the First Lady. The latter writes in La Règle du jeu, whose editorial director is ... Bernard-Henri Lévy, a collaborator of L'Express, as is JPE. L'inceste germanopratin is nothing new, to be sure, but rarely has it been so close to the center of French foreign policymaking. Curious, that when Kadhafi was considered salvageable, it was the president's ex-wife who served as his emissary, but now that the dictator is to be jettisoned, it is the friends of his current wife who vouch for the trustworthiness of the rebels.

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