Thursday, March 17, 2011

Juppé Nearly Resigned?

This story--unfortunately totally unsourced--claims first that Juppé nearly resigned as foreign minister over the incident in which Sarkozy, via the mouth of BHL, recognized the Libyan rebels without alerting his foreign minister, and, second, that Sarkozy did this deliberately to insult and humiliate Juppé, who had been stealing the limelight and was emerging as the new strong man of a sinking regime. Trop beau pour être vrai? The story is of course perfectly plausible, but that only makes one wish all the more that there were a few attributed quotes in it. I mean, anybody can make this stuff up, right? But reporters who get paid for a living are supposed to wear out their shoe leather, unlike us bloggers, who just wear out our underwear as we sit around fantasizing about the high and mighty.


nathanielpowell said...

This story was in the Canard yesterday. It quoted Juppé reacting to the announcement that the Elysée had recognized the Libyan rebels, "Je me suis trouvé comme un con à Bruxelles. Les choses ne devaient pas se passer comme ça!"

On the issue of the no-fly-zone or some unspecified form of intervention, Juppé said, "Sur le fond, je suis à peu près d'accord (avec Sarkozy)...Mais BHL, ce n'est pas possible. Il n'a pas à gérer la politique étrangère de la France. C'est un affront. D'autant que j'ai eu des problèmes avec lui lors du conflit en Bosnie. Il fait partie de ces people qui ne pensent qu'à faire des plateaux de télé. Alors il ne faut pas que l'on m'emmerde avec lui."
One of his advisors apparently told the Canard, "Si Sarkozy lui inflige une autre épreuve de ce genre, Alain démissionne."

He also apparently had a very "franche" discussion with Sarko over the phone, saying "Tu vas te retrouver isolé," to which Sarko replied, "On va voir si l'Europe est capable ou pas de se mobiliser. Avec Kadhafi, on n'aura jamais tort d'être ferme."

The Canard then noted,"Exemple de fermeté: Sarko, en décembre 2007, a refusé à Kadhafi d'installer sa tente à l'Elysée. Il ne lui a permis de la monter qu'à quelques dizaines de mètres, à l'hôtel Marigny."

I love this paper, but I wonder who its sources are. Why can't we have something like this?

Unknown said...

Thanks. Here we have at least alleged quotes, though no indication of the leaker.

Good to see some new commenters, by the way. Thanks again.

meshplate said...

I got a good laugh from your "wear out your underwear" image.

Course, the canard stuff could be entirely invented too. Since it's all "off" we'll never know.